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Dorset in the Winter: these are a few of our favourite things….

UK Winter Breaks

UK Winter Breaks

Dorset is not just stunningly beautiful in the summer; but the Winter can be pretty amazing too. We asked our friendly locals what their favourite thing about Winter in Dorset is. Here’s what they had to say.

Brisk walks…

“The countryside walks are perfect all year round. The Winter brings lots of fresh air for a nice brisk walk. My dogs love it too.”

Fish and chips on the beach…

“When it’s cold, crisp, and sunny, there is nothing like a fish and chip picnic on the beach.”

Indoor attractions…

“There’s always something to do. We often take the children to the sea life centre or the dinosaur museum. It’s fun and educational too.”

Toasty Country Pubs….

“We love to have a drive out to a local country pub for a hot meal and a pint of ale. Even better if there’s a roaring fire there too!”

The scenery….

“Winter brings some of the most amazing nature along with it, both wildlife and winter plants. You’ll see things you never thought you would in the colder months that our summer tourists will miss all together.”

Fresh fish…

“Dorset is extraordinary when it comes to fish. We have some of the best fish eateries in the UK, whether it’s your classic fish and chip supper, or a more upmarket dining experience. Not to be missed”.

Why not come try it for yourself, and see what you think is best about Dorset in the winter?

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** Shhhh. This is a secret recipe for Santa’s Reindeer. Tell nobody **

santa-31665_1280Hello little one. Thanks for coming along to find out my secret recipe to ensure Santa and his Reindeer stop by your home this Christmas.

We are super excited at Lancombe. Are you?

We are busy mixing up big batches of this stuff, as we really want Santa to bring all the good boys and girls in Dorset lots of lovely gifts.

This recipe is for MAGIC REINDEER FOOD. It’s really yummy for them, and it’s all sparkly too, so the Reindeer can’t resist it and will definitely be stopping by for a visit, to eat it all up. It also helps them have lots of energy for the big job they have to do on Christmas Eve, helping to deliver all of the presents 🙂

Here’s the Recipe. Make sure you follow it!


  • Half a cup of oats (some crunched up cornflakes or porridge oats will be perfect)
  • Half a cup of sugar (brown or white, it doesn’t matter. Caster sugar will work well too!)
  • Half a cup of colourful sugar crystals (these can be found in the baking aisle of your supermarket, and any colour is fine)
  • Three kisses

How to make it…

  1. Put the oats into a mixing bowl and give them a stir.
  2. Add the sugar and stir it around exactly 5 times. No more and no less.
  3. Add the sugar crystals and before you mix them around, add the magic to the recipe by blowing three kisses into the bowl.
  4. Now stir 10 times, and transfer your mixture into a food bag or tupperware box.

How to use it…

On Christmas Eve, once it’s dark outside, sprinkle the magic reindeer food outside the home that you will be sleeping in. It doesn’t matter if you are on holiday or staying at someone else’s house, as Santa always knows where to find you.

Once you have sprinkled the food, activate the magic by saying the following words:

“Reindeer, Reindeer, we are wishing you, a very safe and speedy flight

As you make your way from the North Pole, to visit my family tonight.

We’ve made this magic reindeer food, for this really special day

May it keep you strong and lift your spirits high, so you can pull Santa’s sleigh.”


Now, it’s really important that this stuff is all edible, because that way, we can be sure it’s kind to all animals. Substituting icing crystals for glitter may be dangerous to the reindeer and birds that may also have a nibble.

Finally, keep being good!

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Five Fabulous & Fun Day-Trips

NationalTurst… and they’re all thanks to the National Trust. What we love about the National Trust tourist attractions is that you’re guaranteed an educational visit, as well as beautifully maintained properties and grounds. And of course, all entrance fees go towards the upkeep of these historic treasures, that are part of our country’s heritage.

So here’s our favorite five, that are local to Lancombe.

  1. Max Gate: the house that Hardy designed, and lived until he died in 1928. Dorchester, DT1 2AJ

For Adults? As well as exploring the history, there’s plenty of tea and cake available for your visit, from the kitchen.

For Children? There’s events a’plenty, with story-telling, poetry and even music and theatre in the garden.

For Dogs? They are welcome in the garden.


  1. Corfe Castle: A real Norman castle on a hilltop. Wareham, BH20 5EZ

For Adults? Amazing landscape, steeped in history, with regular events. Picnics are welcome, and there’s a tea room too that has a winter log fire. There’s also a very pretty village just a stroll away.

For Children? Many school holiday activities, medieval dress-up, archery, falconry and lots more.

For Dogs? They’re welcome to come along and enjoy too!


3. Hardy’s Cottage: a beautiful thatched cottage, where the man himself was born. Dorchester, DT2 8QJ

For Adults? Explore the wonderful grounds, including the flower-filled garden.

For Children? Activities in the visitor centre, as well as family trails.

For Dogs? They’re welcome on the woodland walks and in the cottage garden.


  1. Clouds Hill: a tiny isolated cottage; home of the writer and soldier Lawrence of Arabia. Wareham, BH20 7NQ

For Adults? A fantastic look into his life, including furniture that was designed by Lawrence himself.

For Children? Limited fun for the little ones, but picnics are welcome, which is always lovely with children.

For Dogs? Welcome in the grounds


  1. Burton Bradstock: One of the beautiful villages right on the Jurassic coast. Near Bridport, DT6 4RF

For Adults? Golden sandstone cliffs, miles of unspoilt beaches, a great seafood café.

For Children? Paddling, swimming, exploring.

For Dogs? Dogs are welcome, but there is a dog-free zone to take note of.


We’d love some feedback on your day trips so we can make some more recommendations to other guests. Please get in touch by email, with your favourites:

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