Dog Sitting…because Dogs are Family too!

Dogs are so welcome here at Lancombe, we want to make sure their every need is catered for. So we are now offering a dog sitting service at Lancombe.

Dog Sitting.

We know that there are (fortunately) a very few, very strange places out there do not welcome dogs. But we know that these are sometimes the places humans like to visit. We don’t want your Woofer to be sad and lonely, so we are offering a Dog Sitting Service.

This means your dog can chill in the comfort of their own Holiday Cottage or Lodge and you can go out happy knowing that they won’t be down when you get back from a great visit out. We all know those sad eyes when we’ve left saying to our beloved poochster ‘we won’t be long’, when we both know it’s a white lie…I’m not the only one right?

Dog Sitting Prices

First hour (and deposit) – £20

Subsequent hours – £10 per hour

Please ensure you book in advance of your stay with us, by contacting Caroline on: 01300 320562 or Email:

“most accommodation tolerate dogs, but this one welcomed ours”.