Dogs are Welcome!

It’s their Holiday…so make them feel pampered!

The Pooches Pamper Pack has had it’s own dry run by the four legged Boss herself here are Lancombe. Each item has been chosen by Fleur and compliments what we already offer here at Lancombe perfectly. Click here if you need a reminder.

I know this because Fleur said so!

So, treat your best friend to an ‘upgrade’ and they will receive a pack they will love you for even more than they do already. At only £25 per pack, they’ll get:

Junk Free Dog Treats – our Woofer Guests already receive their own welcome pack which includes a treat. But, you get chocolate chip cookies, so we figured, they might like to have something extra to nibble on too. Theirs will be healthier than yours though! 😉

A Grooming & Massaging Glove – we already provide towels in your dog’s welcome packs, but this is something extra special you can use when they are languishing in the warm water dog shower, or after…an extra special cuddle in a glove.

A Rope Toy – we all know that any human can try our patience whilst on holiday. So here’s something to let a little frustration out on. A pawsome dog’s version of a stress toy.

Popcorn for Dogs – Yep! Well, for those nights when you’re both enjoying a DVD from our vast collection at Lancombe. You’ll have yours and now they will have theirs.

Tennis Ball – for endless fun letting some steam off in our very own enclosed Dog Exercise Area.

Pawsecco – we don’t need an excuse…so why should they?

Body Spritz for Dogs – from Beach to Bar in one simple step. For those times when you can’t get back to the Dog Shower (with our complimentary Shampoo) before going for dinner, and you reeeeeeaaaaallly need to freshen up.

Pet Head Paw Butter – there are so many fabulous and varied walks here in Dorset and this is a fantastic way to soothe those tired little paws.

I love every single thing in here, I have had the time of my life with this pack…but then I would, I chose it :-)” Fleur from Dorset.

Please note all products are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute where required. Rope toys may vary in size and or shape.

So, what’s there to think about, get in touch to order your pack today, by emailing: or give me a call on: 01300 320562.

Dog Sitting…because Dogs are Family too!

Dogs are so welcome here at Lancombe, we want to make sure their every need is catered for. So we are now offering a dog sitting service at Lancombe.

We know that there are (fortunately) a very few, very strange places out there do not welcome dogs. But we know that these are sometimes the places humans like to visit. We don’t want your Woofer to be sad and lonely, so we are offering a Dog Sitting Service.

This means your dog can chill in the comfort of their own Holiday Cottage or Lodge and you can go out happy knowing that they won’t be down when you get back from a great visit out. We all know those sad eyes when we’ve left saying to our beloved poochster ‘we won’t be long’, when we both know it’s a white lie…I’m not the only one right?

Dog Sitting Prices

First hour (and deposit) – £20

Subsequent hours – £10 per hour

Please ensure you book in advance of your stay with us, by contacting Caroline on: 01300 320562 or Email:

“most accommodation tolerate dogs, but this one welcomed ours”.