Christmas at Lancombe – This is how we do it!

T’was the night before Christmas and throughout Lancombe’s grounds

Not a creature was stirring…except for the chickens

Each cottage was bursting with tinsel and charm

Waiting for families to arrive arm in arm

When a note from Dear Santa arrives on the mat

“I’ll be coming to Lancombe, you can be sure of that”

Dressed all in fur from his head to his feet

A little bit tarnished from ashes and soot

“I come bearing gifts for the good girls and boys”

The reindeer sleigh was choc full of toys!

As the grotto opens, one by one they can see

Shiny bows and big presents, ‘Is that one for me’?

Then dinner arrives, it’s from Asda you see,

It was ordered last week just in time for us to eat

Turkey, sprouts and potatoes, in the oven they go

So we can stroll the woodland, and play in the snow*

Once the pudding is cold and the night has drawn in

The fireplace is lit and the games can begin

Monopoly, balderdash…even cards can be played

‘They haven’t stopped laughing’, the field horses neighed

As boxing day falls with a crisp dawn frost

Mum and Dad take a swim in the warm pool, (it’s a must)

Then all wrapped up with hats, scarves and boots

Everyone goes to the beach for a blustery hoot

As the Christmas fun ends, the children all shout

“This has been the best Christmas ever, we have no doubt”

“Can we come again next year, oh please parents please”

And Caroline books their favourite cottage out with ease

“Farewell my friends, until next year…

But if you fancy a summer break, I’ll be right here”

If you’d like to make a reservation to stay on one of our fabulous country cottages or lodges over the Christmas break, then just give us a call on 01300 320562 or email to make your reservation.

We’d be delighted to welcome you to Lancombe!

*Fake snow available on request 😉