Do you have a Christmas Cracker in store?

Every family is different, but there are some common reasons that stir up debate; under-the-breath comments or full on arguments at Christmas. We’re often all pulled together for this special occasion; crammed into a hot and stuffy lounge, and expected to get along like a house on fire. Anything here that you recognise?

  1. Where to spend Christmas day, my parents or yours?ChristmasFamily
  2. What to watch on TV
  3. The pressure of cooking Christmas dinner
  4. No one helping out
  5. Who cleans up after dinner
  6. Cheating over board games
  7. When to open presents
  8. Kids eating too much before dinner
  9. Not enough space for everyone
  10. Too many tipples prior to cooking dinner (= a dry old bird!)

I’m sure you’ll have your own to add to the list!

Here at Lancombe, we can’t wait to take the stress away, and give our guests a relaxing break with us during the Christmas period.

Throughout December, we’ll be (happily) up to our necks in all things festive, including:

  • Christmas decorations in all of our accommodation
  • Regular visits from Santa to Lancombe’s grotto, with pressies for the children
  • The option to have Christmas dinner cooked for you, by Lancombe, and delivered to your door for you and your family
  • Ability to pre-book your turkey
  • The shop will be stocked with everything you need for your break
  • The spa will be open for you to enjoy too

So to avoid Christmas quibbles, take a relaxing break with us. We are able to cater for smaller groups, as well as large groups, with our many and varied accommodation options. It just might take away the strain of having to decide whose house you’re spending Christmas at… you can all come here!

Get in contact, and we can discuss your needs. Call Caroline on 01300 320562, or email