Why Dorset is the perfect UK holiday destination

swanage-bay-836465_1280Whatever makes your perfect summer holiday, one thing is for sure: a staycation has many benefits.

Let’s compare holidaying in Dorset with an overseas trip.


The journey


Pack your bags, load up the car, belt up the kids and you are off!

You can travel in the luxury and familiarity of your own car, stopping for a break whenever you like.

You can sing along to your favourite tunes and get into the holiday spirit from the moment you leave home.



Whether you opt to fly or travel by boat, you will be required to arrive early in order to check in.

Both modes of transport invariably result in lots of queuing and waiting around. You don’t know who you’ll end up sitting next to during your trip, or what meal you may be served. Try singing along to your favourite artist and you are guaranteed to receive some strange looks from your fellow passengers!




When you arrive in Dorset not only will the scenery take your breath away, you will also be able to enjoy it all the more because of the familiar driving conditions.

With no strange currency to deal with, you will know exactly how much everything costs without needing to get out a calculator to do the currency conversion.



If you opt for a hire car, you will need to find your way to your destination while driving on the wrong side of the road.

This requires additional concentration, particularly if the locals are a little erratic with their driving. Who needs this added stress the moment you arrive on foreign soil?

Currency fluctuations could leave you paying a lot more than you hoped for food, drink and souvenirs.


The location


With fantastic beaches, beautiful views, parks and lakes, Dorset has a rich landscape that rivals many overseas destinations. Its rugged coastlines hold hidden secrets and you can discover its rich history by exploring the old buildings, hill stones and barrows.

Good weather is never guaranteed but come rain or shine there is plenty to keep the whole family entertained. You’ll find cream teas in abundance so you can get your fill of the local delights.



Of course there will be plenty of culture to explore and new foods to try, plus the opportunity to get to grips with the local customs and language.

If trying some of the local dishes appeals to you, then unfortunately, there is a slight risk that you may get an upset stomach.

The weather overseas may be a little more settled but should it turn cold, is there enough to keep the kids entertained away from the pool or beach?

These are just a few reasons why the UK, and Dorset in particular, is an idyllic holiday destination.



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