Dorset in the Winter: these are a few of our favourite things….

UK Winter Breaks

UK Winter Breaks

Dorset is not just stunningly beautiful in the summer; but the Winter can be pretty amazing too. We asked our friendly locals what their favourite thing about Winter in Dorset is. Here’s what they had to say.

Brisk walks…

“The countryside walks are perfect all year round. The Winter brings lots of fresh air for a nice brisk walk. My dogs love it too.”

Fish and chips on the beach…

“When it’s cold, crisp, and sunny, there is nothing like a fish and chip picnic on the beach.”

Indoor attractions…

“There’s always something to do. We often take the children to the sea life centre or the dinosaur museum. It’s fun and educational too.”

Toasty Country Pubs….

“We love to have a drive out to a local country pub for a hot meal and a pint of ale. Even better if there’s a roaring fire there too!”

The scenery….

“Winter brings some of the most amazing nature along with it, both wildlife and winter plants. You’ll see things you never thought you would in the colder months that our summer tourists will miss all together.”

Fresh fish…

“Dorset is extraordinary when it comes to fish. We have some of the best fish eateries in the UK, whether it’s your classic fish and chip supper, or a more upmarket dining experience. Not to be missed”.

Why not come try it for yourself, and see what you think is best about Dorset in the winter?

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