Our favourite ideas to keep the whole family happy during your Christmas holiday

The build up to the Christmas holidays is nothing short of hectic!  You’ve had to make a last minute school nativity costume, you’ve elbowed your way around the shops for the perfect Christmas gifts, not to mention all the phone calls and emails to arrange who’s seeing who, on what day, this year…

It’s no wonder that many families consider a break away from home at Christmas-time!

There is so much fun to be had on a Christmas holiday in the UK.  Here are some of our top ideas for the whole family to share in a fun-filled break:

  • Start a collection. Take yourselves out on a wintery walk and as you’re wandering through the woodland, why not get the kids to start a collection! There are a variety of leaves, feathers, pinecones and other interesting things for the children to find at this time of year. You could even hide some Christmas chocolates in amongst the leaves and send them on a treasure hunt!
  • Make a feeding station. With the pine cones the kids have found, you could make some hanging peanut butter cones, to pop in the trees for the local birds. Perhaps decorate a tree nearby as a feeding station with a few ribbons too; not only will it look pretty, but our little winged friends won’t go hungry and you can watch them from your accommodation.
  • Get creative with the Grandchildren. If it’s really too cooooold outside, why not get creative indoors with the grandchildren. Make some snip-out snowflakes, cook up some salt-dough angels to paint and hang around your cottage or lodge, and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, making and decorating a Gingerbread Mansion with lots of edible yumminess will be hours of fun.
  • Start a new Christmas family tradition. Ask everyone to make a home-made gift to put on the tree to open on Christmas eve (who doesn’t like to open a present the night before Santa arrives!?), or wrap up and attend a local carol service. You can sing along to ‘Silent Night’ as you enjoy a hot chocolate or a warm mulled wine. You could even start your own sing along carol service in your holiday home and invite your neighbours!
  • Spa time girls? Mums, aunties and grannies could treat themselves to a little spa time, leaving the children to enjoy a wintery walk on the beach with Grandpa! There’s nothing like a facial, or a foot massage to ease away the stress, so that you can really enjoy the festivities with the family.
  • A family Christmas film night is a perfect way to spend an evening, wrapped up with warm drinks and a big bowl of chocolate! We choose the classics every time; It’s a wonderful life, Miracle on 34th Street and Scrooge…the kids will love it!
  • Don’t forget the board games! Pictionary is always great fun, and we love Charades, especially watching Grandpa try to act out ‘the night before christmas’, it’s sure to get you all giggling.
  • Check out where Santa is delivering his presents. If you have any technical wizards amongst you, why not track Santa around the globe? Of course, he won’t come if everyone is still awake, so it’s a perfect activity for getting sleepy little ones to go to bed. You can follow him at noradsanta.org.
  • Visit Santa…no Christmas would be complete without a visit from Santa himself, there are lots of beautiful places that he visits over the Christmas period, so find out where he is and let him know how good you’ve been this year.

Here at Lancombe, we love to celebrate Christmas morning knee deep in wrapping paper, followed by warm clothes, welly boots, a flask of special coffee and a wintery walk on the beach.  We have all the facilities you need to make the perfect Christmas meal too, so you can still be sure of turkey and all the trimmings when you get back!

If you fancy a Christmas break away with all the family this year, get in touch on 01300 320 562.  We have some beautiful cottages and lodges available and would love to welcome you and your family to celebrate with us.