Age – I’m seven now, but I was 3 years old when we moved to Lancombe. I am one of the original Lancombe Five.

My Role at Lancombe – Maintenance Supervisor/Entertainments

Background – I was born in a Rescue Centre in Southampton. Originally my name was Terence, because all my siblings’ names began with ‘T’, but that changed pretty quickly. I used to be very lively, but now like to take things a bit slower, as I feel that this move was more semi-retirement for me and when I can, I try to be retired as much as possible.

This is me on the right on a trip to Cerne Abbas with my best mate Fleur.

Why were you the best candidate for the role? – To be honest, my Dad chose me. Although I’ve been asked to stress our values at Lancombe do not include nepotism. I shadow my Dad, and supervise his every move. Sometimes, he ‘forgets’ I’m supposed to be checking what he’s doing and just wanders off and leaves me behind when I’m not looking. It’s hard being a Supervisor sometimes, it can make you unpopular when you point things out, it’s even harder when it’s working with family. I often get shouted at for barking at the Strimmer when Dad’s using it, but I am only reiterating the Health & Safety procedures because those things can be nasty if not used properly.

As well as Supervising Maintenance, I like to keep my paw in the Entertainments arena. This is largely as a double act with my best friend Fleur, but I can hold my own too. I am often used to entertain the human children with collecting eggs in my mouth and delivering them at my Dad’s feet undamaged. I have had to carry Fleur a bit on the entertainment front lately as she has been on sick leave. She’s usually a bit more enthusiastic than me (well a lot actually), and tends to be used to walk the human children and make them laugh. Her mum says she has no loyalty because she will love anyone, which is true, but I admit it comes in useful.

Interests – Being with my Dad, making my Dad happy, eating (when I’m with my Dad), playing with Fleur (even better when it’s with my Dad), having my tummy stroked (especially if it’s by my Dad).
Aspirations for the future – I’d ideally like to be retired this time next year, but only if my Dad does too, otherwise, I’ll just have to work as long as he does.

This is me (under Fleur) showing her how to relax!

Hope to see you soon!

Love Barnaby