My Role at Lancombe – Apprentice Hunter/Companion

Age – I am one of three kittens that were born exactly 8 weeks ago to the day.  This was me when I had just arrived at Lancombe.

Background – Today is poignant for me, as I have just said goodbye to my 2 siblings, 4 & 5. They are now with a lovely family who I’m sure will give them a proper name.  They will shortly be out patrolling the streets in Southampton. We were born at Lancombe Country Cottages & Lodges in Dorset, and I am pleased to be staying and doing something rewarding, everybody seems really happy here.

My Mum and her Sister (1 & 2) are the original Team Members of the Pest Control Unit at Lancombe. They arrived here over a year ago, and I have heard they have done an excellent job in looking after the chicken’s food, the accommodation and entertaining Lancombe’s guests.  In case you haven’t met them, here’s my Mum and my Auntie (Mum’s on the left).Why were you the best candidate for the role? – As they say, no man is an island, and although Team Members 1 (my Mum) & 2 (my Auntie) hate to admit it, sometimes no woman is either. This is where I come in! I am part of Lancombe’s Succession Planning Strategy, so if anything happens to my Mum or Auntie I can step up. It has nothing to do with the fact Caroline fell in love with me, it is purely professional.

My mum will soon be back roaming the grounds after her maternity leave and is really looking forward to getting out and meeting people again. I will be getting used to being without my siblings and will be undertaking a one-week intensive training programme before starting my apprenticeship. My qualities are that I’m laid back, I like a cuddle and I work well under pressure.

Interests – My interests are playing, being stroked, being fed, sleeping, being fed, exploring and learning new things.

Aspirations for the future – I hope that Lancombe’s guests will like me as much as they do my mum and auntie and although nervous, I look forward to seeing you soon and getting stuck in.

Love Team Member 3.  This is me now.