Welcome to Dorset

Lancombe Country HolidaysSince moving to Lancombe Country Cottages and Lodges back in December 2013, as the new owners, we have been very busy getting out and about in our new Dorset patch; meeting the locals, finding our way around, and testing out some of the beautiful tourist attractions. We are over the moon with our new location!

There are traditional seaside towns and secluded coves to relax in; or the ability to take part in the water sports on offer (errr, think we’ll just do the relaxing part for now!). We’ve found the countryside of Dorset to be a complete eye-opener too, with amazing wildlife, fantastic walks for ramblers and an abundance of simply stunning woodland, plants and crops.

I’m a bit of a sucker for local produce, and the local market towns have a lot to offer on this front. So when I’ve been surrounded by charming thatched cottages, small boutique shops, bustling market stalls, I’ve been in my element. Our guests have been really enjoying this too.

From museums to arcades, festivals to beach days, boat trips to historic houses and gardens; it’s all here. And to pop a cherry on the top of this rather delicious region, the eateries are divine! There is without doubt, one of the largest selections of great places to dine in Dorset, that more often than not, will serve up lots and lots of that scrumptious local produce I was telling you about earlier.

So, we are certainly feeling very welcome in Dorset!

Come back soon. I’ve got lots more to tell you about.