Welcome to the Comfort Food Cafe

Here’s a little history before you get started. Debbie’s first book in this series ‘Summer at the Comfort Food Café’ was based on Debbie’s first holiday with her family (and dogs) at Lancombe in the summer of 2015, which (I’m delighted to say) was the first of many.

The book itself was so successful that it ran into a series of 5 further wonderful books. Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe won the Contemporary Romance of the Year title at the 2017 Romantic Novelists’ Association Awards in 2017.

These books are marvellous and after reading them, have resulted in many wonderful holidays for guests over the years, after ‘discovering’ our little piece of heaven in Dorset.

They will make you laugh, cry, and you will definitely want to move onto the next to see what wonders are in store. But they also give you a good insight to the friendly and welcoming people in Dorset, and the wonderful places that we have to show you.

We felt it was only fair to share these wonderful books with you, so we now have all six of the books in the Games Room for you to borrow whilst you’re staying with us.

If you fancy a little taster, watch my video for the introduction in Debbie’s very own words.

So, book (pardon the pun) some time out for you, chill, put your feet up, and have a good read. It’s just one of the many things we offer at Lancombe to help you relax!

You’re welcome!

Caroline 😊