Buy Your Own Lancombe Cottage

If you can’t make it to Lancombe right now or you want to piece of Lancombe to remember us always, well don’t you worry.

We can now arrange for Lancombe to come to you! Order your favourite cottage to be delivered straight to you at home.

Thanks to the very clever lady who is the master and creator of many of our fairy houses at Lancombe (including of course Marvin’s Mansion) you can now buy a little part of Lancombe for yourself. These beautiful lifelike cottages are bespoke and made to order. So, please allow a little time for this talented lady to work her magic making your cottage before the fairies can then post them out to you.

£25.00 per cottage, plus £3.95 Postage & Packaging

Choose your Cottage

Your very own Fairy House

If you have visited Lancombe before, you will have enjoyed (and your kids especially) will have enjoyed strolling through there, and sharing letters with the fairies…yes they do write back! If you haven’t had the pleasure, take a tour here:

Following feedback from some lovely regular guests, it seems I completely missed something that you would want to order for yourselves. Which are the magical fairy houses made by the very same clever lady who not only makes Lancombe’s to the Fairies specifications, but the Lancombe Cottages which are made to yours.

They are all homemade and aside from being very special, they are such great quality that they’ve faired in our woods for 4 years and are still as good as new! So, choose your Fairy House today! Give your children a special touch of Lancombe Magic at home.

Small Fairy House £15.00, plus £2.95 Post & Packaging

Medium Fairy Houses £30, plus £3.95 Post & Packaging

Large Fairy Houses £35, plus £3.95 Postage & Packaging

Fairy Castle £85.00, plus £5.95 Post & Packaging

Fairy Wishes & Memories

A Fairy Wish Bottle
A Fairy Memory Jar

All bottles are £1.50, plus 99p post & packaging

As the Lancombe fairies are helping us, they wanted to offer you something special from them. Whilst wonderful for children, in these uncertain times, they are actually perfect for all of us!

You can order your own Lancombe ‘Wishes’ and ‘Memories’.

Wishes in a bottle, are a magical keepsake lovingly made by the Lancombe Fairies. Each dandelion wish seed has been sprinkled with a little Fairy dust and placed inside a tiny glass bottle then sealed to keep the magic fresh.

Memory jars. Your most beautiful, happy memories are captured by the Lancombe Fairies, carefully woven with a touch of fairy magic into delicate little strings and placed carefully into a tiny glass jar which is then sealed to keep the memory fresh.

Choose your Magic

Dorset’s Watercolour Art

If you are looking out of your window and wishing you were seeing our beautiful Dorset landscapes, fear not! We can now arrange for these to be sent to you!

We have a very talented lady who is painting original watercolour art of your favourite locations and views from Dorset. So you can enjoy these from the comfort of your very own home…or you can even stick one on your window and pretend you’re here 🙂

Pictured: Eggardon Hill

Once you have placed your order, please email me at our usual email address: with your choice of landscape. Whether it be Corfe Castle, Lyme Regis or my very own favourite, the very special Eggardon Hill.

Choose your size

As these are originals please allow a little time for your favourite view to be painted especially for you. Prices vary depending on size, plus £2.95 postage & packaging. All watercolours are framed.

Lancombe Pottery

The talented lady that paints the watercolours is also a ‘Crocker’! Please see below the Lancombe Pottery she has designed and hand made, just for you. From Bird Feeders to bone china cups. She is a master.

Lancombe Bird Feeders

£9.95 each, plus £1.50 Post & Packaging

Porcelain Lancombe Bird Feeders. Attract the same beautiful birds we do at Lancombe with a little teaser….well even birds need an incentive 😉

Lancombe Mugs

£17.95 each, plus £2.95 post & packaging

Provoke your amazing memories of your holiday at Lancombe, with these beautifully handcrafted Porcelain Mugs.

Potty about Lancombe’s Chickens?

Small Lancombe Chicken Plant pots £12.95, plus £2.95 Post & Packaging
Large Chicken Plant Pots £15, plus £2.95 Post & Packaging

Plant Pots

Gift Vouchers

These were so popular for Christmas that we have decided to give you all something to treat your friends and family with all year round. Well, we’re all going to need something to look forward to right?

They come in denominations of £10 and are personalised and downloadable. So, make someone special’s year and choose your amount to gift below. 🙂