‘Exclusive Cider Tea Offer’


Here’s the Magic of our exclusive Cider Tea Offer.

Lancombe’s Magical Fairy Woods have been occupied by Queen Isabel and her colony of fairies since 2014. We have spent as much consideration upgrading our Fairy Houses over the last few years, as we have our beautiful cottages and lodges.

Now do you remember your heavenly scene? I’ll remind you just in case. Cider Tea.

You’re sipping your cider and nibbling on your cheese and biscuits, with the sound of birdsong, taking in the beautiful Dorset countryside. The best bit about this peace and tranquillity is that you know your children are being happily mesmerised by the wonder of the Fairies.

Our Fairies are so proud of making Lancombe’s younger guest’s happy and amazed when they stay, they have upgraded their homes with more kerb appeal and now have a Post Box, to assist them with sending and receiving letters, which the Fairies happily do with pleasure.

A letter from the Fairies is a breath taking memory that your children will treasure forever. Do you believe?

“the fairy woodland walk was a delight” – Mrs T UK.

My girls had an amazing time and enjoyed the freedom this site gave them”. Judith P

“I am a great believer that children should, from a very early age, be advised that Father Christmas and fairies do not exist (I am, clearly, in a minority). I have to acknowledge, however, that the children were thrilled (yes, really  and absolutely thrilled) to leave messages for the fairies and receive personalised responses”. Anon Grandad. UK

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We Look forward to seeing you soon.

Caroline x