Welcome to my quiz. This will test your knowledge and get you all prepared for when it’s safe to return to this beautiful part of the country. It also will hopefully give you ideas for some more interesting places to visit.

So, you think you know Dorset?

Part one of three

Here are 10 Dorset places with their names disguised.  Some are anagrams, some have cryptic clues and some are just plain awkward.  Please answer with the names in Dorset they should be (the number of letters in the name is next to the clue), by just clicking on messenger to Lancombe’s page.  The first to answer all 10 questions correctly wins!

  1. King’s Ale?        4, 5
  2. Expensive Headwear    6, 3
  3. Charles to thump Lancashire town    9
  4. Giant near base BC        5, 5
  5. Wrong to hide Jewellery    7, 5
  6. Spinster has rook     6, 6
  7. Merry tin in case     4, 10
  8. A new gas for seaside town     7
  9. Bride loses note at Harbour     8
  10. Survey perimeter contains villa

The first to respond on messenger to Lancombe’s page with all 10 correct answers is the winner. The winner will be announced tomorrow, Friday 8th May 2020 at 11am. The judges decision (me) is final. But most importantly…have some fun!


Caroline x